About Us

Who we are

The Dallas Lowry Foundation is a registered charity (number 87-2522556).

The Dallas Lowry Foundation is a veteran owned non-profit based in Broken Arrow, OK that provides

 support to veterans, first responders, deaf, hard of hearing and their families.

Our Mission and Strategy

To provide support to Veterans, First Responders, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and their families. To provide other forms of support based on individual needs.

Our Approach

We work directly with a number of organizations. These organizations help us provide PTSD regrowth, Service Dog Training, and more.

Our History

The Dallas Lowry Foundation was founded in 2021.

In June of 2021, Dallas was riding to work with his younger brother Kale on bicycles and was struck by a motor vehicle. Due to that accident he passed away June 13, 2021.

His absence is always noticed and remembered by hundreds of friends and family.

Dallas had one of the kindest and biggest hearts. He never met anyone he didn’t like and he always looked out for everyone, whether he knew you or not.

We started this Foundation to keep his memory alive and to keep helping and being there for others as Dallas was during his short but exceptional life.

Our Impact

We are just getting started and have many directions we will be headed. We hope to impact locally as well as in the state and eventually start helping nationally.