Santa Scott Claus

Santa Scott is proud to support The Dallas Lowry Foundation. He and Mrs. Claus do this by giving 100% of their proceeds to the Foundation. They also provide visits for many non profits at no cost.

If you would like to have Santa come visit please contact us today. Santa Scott is typically very busy during the Christmas season so be sure and schedule early.

Santa is real and can help make your holiday season unforgettable. Santa Scott will create memories that you and your children will remember forever. They will look back and think about the time the Real Santa visited them and listened to their hopes and dreams. You can help create this with Santa Scott! If you would like to book Santa please call 918-497-6084 or email

Santa Scott Claus

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Santa Scott’s Services


Santa Claus Visits

There’s nothing quite like the smile and joy that Santa Claus can bring to children. This holiday season, schedule a visit from the one and only Santa Claus to ensure every child and parent is on the nice list!

Christmas Parades

Sitting by the side of the road and watching a parade go by is a lifelong tradition for many families, and a realistic Santa Claus makes the experience far more memorable. Our Santa Claus will bring a float together!

Gifts From Santa Claus

Each year, countless children write their wish list to Santa Claus in the hopes of wonderful presents under the tree. This year, make the holidays more memorable by having Santa deliver presents in person!

Santa Appearances

Imagine hearing a knock at the door and opening it wide to find Santa Claus waiting to enter! The look and shout of glee from your children will make the entire holiday that much more special. An appearance is around the corner!